How To Cracking WPS with Revdk3-r1

Published on: Sep 3, 2014 @ 00:47 by Matthew Knight

Revdk3-r1 helps attack WPS networks that AP Rate Limit or WPS Lock out after so many failed Pin try's.

Step 1. Download Revdk3-r1 Get Revdk3-r1 Here

Step 2. Give Execuable Permissions

chmod 755

Step 3. Start using


Step 5. Set Wireless Card: wlan0

Which wireless interface you will be using? wlan0? wlan1? im using wlan0

Step 6. MAC Address is the BSSID: 1C:AF:D6:27:F5:99

Step 7. ESSID is the name Target AP: MatthewHKnight

Step 8. Reaver Options menu: Just press enter to use default

Final Step. Welcome to MDK3 Flood Attack Main Menu: 1,2 or 3?

Personally i'd pick each one at a time and see which one is better for you. I think Option 1 and 2 are possibly the best bet to try.

Script features in this revision

1. Runs reaver,aireplay-ng in one terminal and detects continuously when reaver is rate limiting pins.

After input of wireless adapter checks to see if there are any monitor interfaces on that adapter interface. Any existing monitor interfaces are wiped out and three new monitor interfaces are created. The script also uses these interface during the attacking process. In the event that aireplay times out because association issues or switches to "shared key open authentication", the script will re-run aireplay-ng.

2. Runs mdk3 attacks until reaver detects that the WPS state of the AP has been unlocked. Once WPS has been unlocked it kills all mdk3 attacks and waits until reaver detects WPS has been locked again..this process goes on...

3. Upon detection of 25 successive EAPOL start failures, the script floods the AP for 60 second to see if the AP will do a fresh reboot!

4. Killing the script in a terminal will trigger it to remove all tmp files, force all processes started by the script to terminate and wiping out the three monitor interfaces it patient about 1-2 seconds for termination of the script...Also you call close the terminal instead of killing this will send a hang up signal to do the necessary cleaning up..

Download Revdk3-r1 Get Revdk3-r1 Here