The Hacker Playbook 2: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing

This All new handbook provides a all new techniques to Penetration Testing
The Browser Hacker's Handbook 2

Amazing book on Penetration Testing I highly recommend this book if you're wanting to learn ethical hacking and love to read books its a must buy! Was just released in March of 2015!

This is the second iteration of The Hacker Playbook (THP). For those that read the first book, this is an extension of that book. Below is an overview of all of the new vulnerabilities and attacks that will be discussed. In addition to the new content, attacks and techniques from the first book, which are still relevant today, are included to eliminate the need to refer back to the first book. So, what’s new? Some of the updated attacks from the last year and a half include: Heartbleed
Kerberos issues (Golden Ticket/Skeleton Key)
PTH Postgres
New Spear Phishing Better/Cheaper Dropboxes
Password Cracking
New WIFI attacks
Tons of PowerShell scripts
Privilege Escalation Attacks
Mass network compromises
Moving laterally smarter
Burp Modules
Printer Exploits
Backdoor Factory
ZAP Proxy
Sticky Keys
NoSQL Injection
Commercial Tools (Cobalt Strike, Canvas, Core Impact)
Lab sections

And so much more

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